Mike’s 50th Annual* Awesome 2016 Super Bowl “Contestamundo”

Mike’s 50th Annual* Awesome 2016 Super Bowl “Contestamundo”


Rules —


Everyone/anyone can play. People tagged in this post on Facebook are either relatives or have played before and all are welcome. 25–ish questions total. Keep track of your correct answers as best as you can then share your final tally by posting the number correct in the Facebook comments section (not here on my blog since it’s tough to register and add a comment or on LinkedIn either). If you miss seeing something, or recording a stat, don’t worry, just let me know and I’ll post the correct answer.


Winner winner gets a pretend chicken dinner cooked by Caroline AND bragging rights for the year. If you are local, I’ll buy you a beer, wine,  hot chocolate, you name it. Tiebreaker? Of those with the most correct answers, person who lives in the more northern state (then city or town) wins.


Questions —


– Do you wish the Patriots were playing in the Super Bowl this year instead of the Broncos? (Correct answer is “yes”)
– Will Lady Gaga (who is singing national anthem) be wearing gloves when she sings?
– Will the national anthem be longer or shorter than 2 minutes 10 seconds?

– Will the coin toss be heads or tails?

– Who will kick off first?

– Will the first offensive play from scrimmage after kickoff be a run or a pass?

– Who will be the first coach mentioned by name after kickoff?

– Will the first commercial following the kickoff be for beer?

– What animal will appear first in a commercial?

– Who will score first?

– Will a team score in the first 5:00 of the game?

– Will we watching/listening on TV hear Payton Manning say “Omaha” at any point during his first set of downs/drive?

– If/when the Panthers score their first touchdown, will they give the ball to a boy or a girl in the stands?

– Will Payton Manning throw 2 or more touchdown passes?

– Will the Panthers defense score a touchdown?

– Will there be an onside kick?

– Will there be a missed field goal try?

– Will Cam Newton score a touchdown himself?

– Will any points be scored in the final 1:00 of the game?

– Which team will have the most turnovers?

– Take the final score of the game and add up all the individual digits until you get a single number (for example, Team A wins 30 – 28 —> 3 + 0 + 2 + 8 = 13 then add 1 + 3 to get 4). Will the number be greater or less than 5. If it is 5, no winner).

– What color confetti will be dropped after the game ends (if multiple colors, name one color other than white)

– Will a running back for either team rush for more than 100 yards?

– Will the Patriots be in the Super Bowl next year? (Correct answer is “yes”)


* OK, I haven’t been doing this for 50 years, heck, I’m not even close to admitting being somewhat near 50 years old myself, but piggybacking off the glitz and glamour of Super Bowl 50 just seemed too cool an idea to pass up. Plus, it got your attention and made you wonder how I’d possibly been doing this for five decades. (Insert smily face, winky emoticon here).