Classic Curry

Dell, Steph and the Curry family roll into Davidson for the 2011 Curry Celebrity Classic golf tournament

By Mike Savicki


When your name is Dell Curry, it’s safe to say you know your way around the inside of a gymnasium. Let’s start with a successful 16-year NBA career, add a television broadcasting job for the Charlotte Bobcats and then toss in two incredibly talented sons, plus one daughter, who are each making names for themselves in high school, college and pro sports.


“It’s safe to say my wife, Sonya, and I are very busy and keep a hectic schedule,” Dell Curry says as he prepares for the 2011 Curry Celebrity Classic golf tournament. “With a daughter who is a sophomore in high school and travels with the club volleyball team, plus our sons, I think from November through June, at least one of us is in some type of gym almost seven days a week.


“It’s a father’s dream come true,” he adds of watching eldest son, Stephen, play for the NBA Golden State Warriors. “After playing in the league and having a successful career myself, watching your son follow in your footsteps is any father’s dream. It’s a little surreal sometimes, but I’m just enjoying watching how he is improving each year.”


Dell Curry’s pride extends beyond the box score. He offers, “On the road as a broadcaster, the biggest thing I get is that referees, people from the Warriors and people from all over the NBA come up to me and tell me what a good person Steph is. That’s what makes myself and his mother so proud. It’s that people don’t just comment on his basketball, they tell us good things about Steph as a person.”


Being a broadcaster and a proud father does present Dell with a unique challenge. Curry explains, “When I watch the games at home, I tend to watch Steph’s every movement, and do sometimes focus on him at the expense of the game. Last year, at the first game I called out in Oakland, the game started and I caught myself doing the same thing. I had no idea what else was happening on the court. I had to remind myself to pull back and watch the other nine guys out there, as well. It took a little while to make the adjustment, but my partner, Steve Martin, is an avid Stephen fan and gives him enough love for everybody. So now I just call the game because everybody knows Steve is all over Steph.”


Following closely behind Step is younger brother, Seth, a transfer standout at Duke. “Seth is really loving playing for coach K and Cameron is an incredible place to play,” he says. “Sitting out for a year was tough for Seth, but last season he started to get a chance to play and he’s happy where he’s at and is excited about what else might happen while he’s in the Duke program.”


When the Currys are together as a family, sports like golf understandably get a bit competitive. On the course, there is a rivalry between at least two of the Currys. Dell jokes, “Every time we tee it up, sure, there’s a huge rivalry. Let’s just say Steph wants to beat his pop more than anything, and I want to show him that he still has work to do.”


Competition aside, what makes Dell Curry and his family so respected in the public eye is their strong sense of togetherness. “We know this is not going to last forever, so we are enjoying the time while we have it,” Dell Curry concludes. “It’s stressful and tiring but we really love what’s happening right now with our family.”


This article was originally published in the June 2011 edition of Currents Magazine.