What is your passion?

In the last few years, you may have read about my friend, Diana Nyad. She made the news when she put into motion what she calls her “Extreme Dream.” Her passion is swimming and her goal was, at age 60, after being away from the water for over three decades, to swim from Cuba to the United States. That’s over 100 miles and it would take days – yes, DAYS – to complete. She fell short in her first two attempts but in this TED talk, she discusses how the fire continues to burn, what she has learned along the way and what she still hopes to do. The lessons here are too numerous to list but each and every one is positive. We can all make something of our lives if we simply try. A dream is something personal, unique and our own. Make the most of the time we have. Decide for yourself if crossing the finish line really the ultimate reward for an action. There’s more in this talk, too. I think it’s worth a look.