What I Have Learned (ver 6.0)

It has been quite a while since I unleashed a bit of arguably useless knowledge on this lil’ old blog. Way too long, I must say. To help round out 2010, I thought I’d share a few random pieces of knowledge*. And no list is complete without a bit of John Wooden, right? Enjoy.

  1. “You will never win or lose if you don’t run the race,” – Richard Butler, The Psychedelic Furs
  2. “Man must rise above the Earth – to the top of the atmosphere and beyond – for only thus will he understand the world in which he lives.” – Socrates
  3. We all need other people in our life. No one can do it all alone. And if you ever get stranded on a desert island, it’s a hell of a lot more fun being there with someone else than it is making friends with a volleyball.
  4. Be interesting.
  5. If you have something important to say and yell loudly enough to be heard then people will listen to you. If you keep yelling the same thing after you have been heard then you will become annoying and people won’t listen any more. Make your point then shut up.
  6. “Absolutely” is a great word. Go ahead, say it with conviction. See what I mean?
  7. I keep thinking I graduated from college a few years ago when it was actually over 15 years ago. (Borrowed and adapted from Aaron Sorkin.)
  8. If the second part of an apology starts with the word “but” then you need to think about it out a bit more.
  9. “If you’ve got integrity, it will smack you very hard when you fuck up. If you don’t have integrity…life won’t even bother to slap you.” – Ted Danson
  10. Our dog weighs close to 90 lbs. and our cat weighs just over 9 lbs. The cat looks at the dog and wonders what it needs to eat to get that big. The dog looks at the cat and wonders what it needs to do to jump that high. Neither one is sharing their secret.
  11. A crisp white t-shirt matched with a pressed dress shirt, a kick-ass tie and a suit jacket are all you need to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. How can that be possible? The clothes are just a part of it. It’s you that does the rest.
  12. I have way too many material things. It’s hard to appreciate what you have when you don’t know where to start appreciating.
  13. I am the happiest when life isn’t getting in the way of living.
  14. “The hardest thing about life in your forties is that it‘s heavy. You have to take responsibility for it because you made it heavy…You’re the one, and you have to take responsibility for those choices you made along the way.” – Jodie Foster
  15. “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation.” – John Wooden


* Direct quotes found either in Esquire and hear on a kickin’ 80’s XM radio station. The others came from my hard noggin’.