Top 25 Things Vanishing from America…

Behold…The Top 25 Things Vanishing from America! Call me old fashioned, nostalgic or just plain old but there are a few items on this list that I’ll never let slip from my life (or at least from my memory). Who could ever forget the drive-in theater with family on a warm summer night, the taste of cold, fresh milk delivered right to your door, seeing the blinking red light of the answering machine when you return home at night, deciding to brave the cold and hit the outhouse because someone beat you to the indoor bathroom (and you’ve really got to go) and turning the ham radio dial ever-so-slightly in a dimly lit basement with the hope of picking up a top secret broadcast in an unrecognizable foreign language? I’m happy to see a few of these items like Mumps & Measles disappear from our lives but there’s nothing that will replace the site of a wild horse running free on the Outer Banks or a handwritten letter from a loved one!

Long live the bowling alley!

Yellow Pages
Classified Ads
Movie Rental Stores
Dial-up Internet access
Phone landlines
Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs
Ash trees
Ham radio
The swimming hole
Answering Machines
Cameras that use film
Incandescent bulbs
Stand alone bowling alleys
The milkman
Handwritten letters
Wild horses
Personal checks
Drive-in theaters
Mumps & Measles
Honey Bees
News magazines and TV news
Analog TV
The family farm