‘Tis the Season…

Christmas is less than two weeks away…

Fall has turned to winter and the temperature has dropped.
The bright colors of fall have morphed into mono shades of brown.
The weekday commute, for all intents and purposes, bookends the darkness of the night and the sunlight, when there is any, is as fleeting as the day is short.
I’m nursing a bad wing, dealing with the remnants of a fantastically horrible infection and seem to have about as much physical energy as an Everglades alligator trapped in the hot midday sun.
At least the gator is warm!
My suitcases, briefcases and various other pieces of checked baggage and allowable “carry-ons” still bear luggage tags — MIA, PHX, CLT, DCA, etc.
They are the tangible reminders of the many miles I have traveled these last few weeks.
The cat’s litter box looks more like a hardened, concrete slab.
And, as nearly as I can figure, I have more deadlines looming than there are days remaining in the year.

Yet, as I sit and write, a full moon peeks through the skylight.
A brilliant beam cuts the air and casts a bright glow on the carpeted floor.
The full moon invites me to look out over the lake where I see the moonlight dancing with the wind and waves.
There isn’t a cloud in sight and the black night sky is dotted with an array of bedazzled stars.
I’d love to share the sight with the cat but she has taken evening residence on a computer bag and is sound asleep.
It is so peaceful that I cannot do anything but stop, look, listen and be.
Just be.

In this moment, late at night, I think to myself just maybe this is how we are supposed to feel at the holidays.
I think the season is more about what’s inside than outside.
It is more about feeling than doing.
It is about appreciation.
Somewhere between the dark of the night and the light of the day is the peace of the season.
It’s really not dark, brown and cold, is it?

And resting with peace is hope.

Happy holidays.