This kid rocks!

Even if you watched every second of the Women’s World Cup final between the USA and Japan, there’s a good chance you may have missed this. It didn’t happen on the field and neither of the announcers gave it the attention it truly deserved. I caught it on television and while the rest of America – and everyone else in our sports bar – was cheering for Alex Morgan, Hope Solo, Abby Wambach and their teammates, there were like 15 seconds that I was cheering for this kid. In my opinion, this may go down as one of the greatest moments in sports fan history and here’s 11 reasons (in honor of USA’s starting 11) why…

1. This kid was in Germany at the FINAL and all of us were not. Lucky.
2. Watch closely, this kid locates the camera, sees that it is on him and commences his celebration all in like .002 seconds. That’s money.
3. This kid nailed the Truffle Shuffle while the rest of America is still trying to learn The Dougie.
4. Mad props to WSU. The kid was t-shirt representin‘ and scored global tube time for the school before showing skin. Scholarship on the horizon.
5. This kid is the new “John 3:16” sign guy from sports fan days of old who made a career of traveling to sports events and getting his sign on national tv.
6. You didn’t see any other kids on tv, did you? This kid is global cool.
7. If I were the kid, I’d be spending my summer vacation getting paid to travel to games and lift my shirt on camera for home runs, goals scored and putts sunk.
8. Better yet, I’d be selling ad space on my belly like the side of a NASCAR Sprint Cup machine and bankin‘ the bucks.
9. Check out the USA coach’s reaction to the kid right after the camera cuts off him. She’s jumping up and down. She knows history when she sees it.
10. Did I mention this kid was in Germany and we weren’t? Seriously, this kid just got an A+ on his “What I did on my summer vacation” assignment. And I’ll bet girls are already lining up to sit next to him at lunch when he comes home and goes back to school. Lil’ man’s got a passport with stamps. I’ll bet he already knows German, too.
11. How the heck did he score tickets next to Harry Potter (note the glasses on the dude next to him)? Legendary.

Thanks, USA women, for what you did during the summer of 2011. And thanks, too, kid, for being a fan.


Here it is, folks…