So I was was rollin’ along Jetton Road on my handcycle recently when I spotted a bold little turtle trying to make his way across 4 lanes of traffic. Every time a car passed, he stopped suddenly, retreated a bit into his shell, sat still and waited before carrying on again. Poor little scared guy!

All I could envision as I approached was the sight of a texting driver crushing him without ever knowing what happened.

When I saw this happen again and again, I decided to do something. I alerted a few drivers and motioned for them to slow, stop and block the road. They saw what was happening. When it was safe, I rolled out toward the middle, turned the little guy around and watched his four little legs carry him right back to the safety of the grassy embankment where he began his journey.

With crisis averted, we all shared a smile and a friendly wave before heading off to wherever it was that we were rushing in the first place.

And I don’t think any of us were upset with the unexpected delay.

Sometimes it helps to be as slow as a turtle…