Some Acoustic Nostalia from Down Under

(Quick suggestion – turn off the music on the bottom before playing this video or else it will all sound crappy together.)

Call me an 80’s guy or call me a lover of cool acoustic music and either way you’ll be correct. I recently heard this guy, Colin Hay (aka, the old lead singer of Men at Work – remember them?), perform a great acoustic show at Spirit Square. He played songs from over three decades as a solo artist and threw in a bunch of songs from his Men at Work days. He was absolutely hilarious, too, and shared Scottish and Australian jokes and told numerous self-depreciating stories.I guess life on the road teaches you life lessons.

Flashback – The last time I heard him play was at at the old Cape Cod Colosseum in, I think, 1982 when INXS opened for Men at Work. That’s like 19 years ago! Crazy old!

Anyway, here’s an old favorite performed with an acoustic twist.