Mike’s Awesome 2015 Super Bowl Contestamundo

Mike’s Awesome 2015 Super Bowl Contestamundo
Instructions – Read questions, give me answers by email or phone call before game starts (or keep track of them yourself then give me your honest final tally that evening), win prize*
Rules – None. Research (and cheat if you must before the National Anthem) all you want.
1. Will the National Anthem be longer or shorter than 2 minutes?
2. Coin toss. Heads or tails?
3. Who kickoff first?
4. Will the first commercial after kickoff be for a motor vehicle?
5. What animal will appear in a commercial first?
6. Who will score first?
7. Will the first score be a TD, FG or other?
8. Will the first TD be a run or a pass?
9. Which team will make the first interception?
10. Which team will fumble first?
11. Will Gronk score a TD?
12. Will Marshawn Lynch score 2 (or more) TDs?
13. Which team will score last before halftime?
14. What color will Katy Perry’s hair color be?
15. Will Lenny Kravitz be wearing a scarf?
16. Which team will score first after halftime?
17. Who will be winning after the third quarter?
18. What color will Belichick’s hoodie be?
19. Will either (or both) teams score more than 30 points?
20. Who will win the game’s MVP?
*In addition to wearing the invisible crown of knowing you are the winner of Mike’s Awesome 2015 Super Bowl Contestamundo, I may choose to send the winner a prize (that is to say if I “have a good day at the track” sometime soon).
PS – Mother Nature and Old Man Winter deflated the balls.