It’s Official…

So it’s four days into the year and I’ve already overcome two important “obstacles” (or achieved two “milestones”). Not sure if this type of stuff matters to everyone but it always does to me in a somewhat nostalgic and “it’s the little things that matter” kind of way.

You see, every year I always keep an eye out to see what will be the occasion in which I write, for the first time, the new calendar year. In the past, it has occurred in the office, late at night, weeks before the new year began and other times it has happened nearly a month after the big day when bills come due. I even remember on one occasion (or three) ordering a pizza for delivery, realizing I had no cash and writing the pizza dude a check just after the New Year. Happy New Year, pizza guy! This year was a bit different, and lasting, you might say. The first time I wrote “2008” was when I set up this blog. Nice!

Speaking of symbolic, nostalgic, lasting, milestone, “it’s the little things that matter” (and adding a “glass half full” twist to the story), my second little milestone came today when I signed up for my first half ironman triathlon. There, glaring back at me for the first time on the participant confirmation page, was my name right next to a new and exciting age that starts with a “4” and ends with a “0.” Yes, come race day, and in just a few weeks, our hero turns the big 40. (More on this – and my ironman quest – in future posts).

So for now, coming off an amazing handcycling adventure the length of the Outer Banks, as well as finishing my fastest marathon since I was 28 years old, all I can say is Bring it on, baby!

By the way, I’m happy this guy is back in town. It was 18 degrees this morning and my little fingers refused to get the handcycle moving…

Be well.