Hear ye, hear ye!

Aaahhh, the New Year…it’s that special time when we promise ourselves to do better, make significant changes in our lives and generally hit the “restart” button. Every year, I take a few minutes around the holidays to jot down a few thoughts that I hope will guide me to the best year ever. In some cases, I share the list with others. Sometimes I post it on the ‘fridge. And most of the time I lose it almost immediately and have no idea if I was ever successful or not.

I have made my lil’ old list for several years running and annually try to include more open ended and productive items that go beyond the all-so-common “lose weight,” “exercise more,” “spend more time with friends and family,” “get organized,” and “remember to feed the ______” (fill in the blank with cat, dog, kids, grandparents, plants, etc.).

In any case…Vive La 2009 Resolutions!

1. Practice the drums at least one hour each week.
2. Get back under 2:45 in Boston.
3. Write something that impacts a life or shifts a perception.
4. Read 10 excellent books.
5. Add a stamp to my passport.
6. Focus on all aspects of staying healthy and commit to do what it takes.
7. Live in (and for) the “now.”
8. Smile every day and, every once in a while, laugh so hard that I cry!
9. HT*U.
10. Finish what I planned to do last November and have fun along the 2009 journey.
11. Exude extreme confidence.
12. Listen, learn and love!

Happy New Year!