Dirty Secrets (version 1.0)

OK, so some people say bloggers just do this to talk about themselves and draw attention to certain aspects of their life. I’ll say I don’t totally disagree if it’s a personal type thingy like mine but will add that blogging – like painting, singing and dancing – is a form of self-expression. To take it a step farther though, I’m happy to personalize things a bit more herein as I unveil the first of what I hope will become a somewhat regular column that I’ll simply call “Dirty Secrets.” Enjoy. Then share yours with me….

I like beer and wine as recovery drinks.
Given the choice of going to the bathroom indoors or outdoors, I’ll go ______ whenever possible.
When it comes to something like spending extra $ a month on Netflix, I am cheap but I’ll drop $$$ on things I don’t need pretty regularly.
Even when I’m 90, I think I’ll still eat cereals like Fruit Loops and Captain Crunch for breakfast because they make me start my day feeling like I’m 12.
I’m not sure I can even spell empathie let alone feel it.
I cannot resist chocolate. Ever. Any time.
I love old school rap even though I’m no Beastie Boy and I fantasize about freestyling in da club but know I’d suck at it and get laughed off stage worse than the bad acts on Showtime at the Apollo.
I think the people who wrote movies like Office Space, Sixteen Candles, Napoleon Dynamite and Superbad are the real geniuses. Seriously, how cool and creative are the people come up with someone like “Long Duc Dong” and get paid for it?
I have never even sipped coffee or had one puff of a cigarette in my life.
Some times I buy things I shouldn’t and justify it by saying my life is brutal, the “Man” is keeping me down and I’m worth it.
I never train enough.
I am too judgmental.
I like to procrastinate then feel the pressure of a deadline…
…and then afterwards complain about never having enough time (like right now).
I wish my hair was still sandy blonde like it was when I was a kid growing up on the beach in the summer.
In fact, I’m not sure I will ever grow up nor do I think I want to. Blonde hair or not.
When I see kids on skateboards I get jealous because I could barely balance on one as a kid.
I loved Dawson’s Creek and am still pissed it is over and that Katie Holmes turned out to be a weirdo in real life. I wish I could still pass as a 21 year old just to enjoy nickel beer nights without being called “Sir.”
I have way too much crap.
I love to sit in first class and especially feel proud when I don’t have to pay for it.
I go back and forth about liking Nicholas Cage as an actor and think Michelle Pfeiffer can do no wrong.
Given the chance, I would eat a whole bag of Cape Cod potato chips.
I want to smack the people who smoke in front of their kids.
I absolutely LOVE staying in nice hotels – and I love airports – and going places in cars – being in motion is much better than not.

Au revoir.