Bruce is proving it…

So I just saw Bruce Springsteen in concert…yeah, that Bruce Springsteen. He’s the same guy who was rocking before I was 10 years old; the same guy who graciously, free of charge, donated a previously unreleased song entitled “Shut out the light” to us at World TEAM Sports in 1999 for our Vietnam, Long Time Coming CD simply because he believed in what we were doing; and the same one who, I swear, has got to be the greatest endurance athlete on the planet. Think about it…he’s 58 years old and rocked without a break for 2 hours 45 minutes. And most of the time he played well above his LTHR. I hope I’m still doing marathons around that time when I’m 45…forget 55 and older. Wanna know what else is kinda cool? He introduced his sax player, Clarence Clemmons, like he usually does by saying “you all want to be him but you can’t.” I think that dude is like 80 years old. There’s a few lessons to be learned somewhere in here but I’m not going to go into it. For now, have a listen to one of my favorites. This clip is from a show just a few months ago (although there’s a better guitar version of this out there from 1978 if you search really hard).