Boston Marathon 2010 – Memories and Images

Top things overheard during the race this year…

  1. In Ashland, a small “country” town near the starting line where NASCAR seems to have influenced the townsfolk. “Hey, there’s wheelchair number 24…Go Jeff Gordon!”
  2. In Framingham (before the 6 mile mark) where early morning alcohol consumption seemingly impaired the basic math skills of a group of spectators. “Keep it up, dude, you’re over halfway there.”
  3. In NewtonLowerFalls, the lowest point of the course where nearly 5 miles of hill climbing were soon to follow. “It’s all down hill from here.”
  4. In Natick, where a group of kids were evidently keeping count of the wheelchair racers who looked a certain way. “Hey, there goes another one with legs.”
  5. My all time favorite, overheard several times as I struggled to climb several of Boston’s notorious hills. “Is it OK if I give you a push? You look like you need it.”

Enjoy these three photos from this year’s race. Sarah took the first two as I rolled through Framingham center while she and my parents cheered loudly. The third was shot by a photographer named Scott Zakrajsek who published it on (thanks for the free publicity, dude) as I rolled through

Cleveland Circle

near the finish. I don’t look too bad for the miles if I do say so myself.

Here’s a funny story. Look closely at the side of my helmet in the third photo. See the purple flower sticker? Don’t laugh, I didn’t put it there. My lil’ niece, Savannah, gave it to me as a good luck sticker a couple days before the race. I think she sensed I was nervous. Flower power worked.

I had a really great race this year and am already looking forward to 2011. Please join me!