Beach to Battleship Race Report

B2B Afterward —
So what did I learn? A good friend of mine once told me “great things happen only when they are supposed to happen.” If adversity teaches us to appreciate accomplishment then my two year roller coaster ride to the start (and finish) of the 2009 B2B ranks right up there as one of my greatest accomplishments not only in sports but in life, as well. The lessons I learned and the knowledge I gained were worth the sacrifice.

At this point of my life, finishing an event like a half ironman is not about collecting another medal or award. It’s not about earning bragging rights or making a headline or newsreel. And it’s not about being the first to do something that has never been done before. Sports – like life – is about making the most of what you have been given and taking full advantage of what comes your way. Life rolls on…

Special thanks go to Bill and Jeremey at Setup Events for including, welcoming and accommodating the Para-Triathletes in this (and all) their events.

Melissa Bell and Bob Nixon from Inside Out Sports in Charlotte were my awesome swim and bike partners. (They are my friends, too. Believe it or not, Bob was also racing when I crossed the finish line of my first triathlon in 1995 and Melissa finished the Boston Marathon for the first time this year, too.)

Aunt Lorraine, Uncle Ed and Cousin Eddie had a much better visit to Wilmington this year than in 2008. Your love and heavy lifting, as well as your support through the years, means more to me than you’ll ever know.

And to my fiancée, Sarah, what can I say? I love (and appreciate) you more and more each day. Thank you so very much for standing by me, supporting me, encouraging me and loving me these past two years while I worked toward this crazy finish line.