What a great word. ABSOLUTELY! If it is possible to have a favorite word, I think “absolutely” is mine. It is right up there with my other favorite word – happiness – but that’s a word for another posting. Anyway…two great words for sure. Webster’s says “absolutely” is an adverb and defines it using words and phrases like “pure,” “perfect,” “certain,” “free from imperfection,” “having no restriction, exception, or qualification,” and “free from restraint and doubt.” Those are some pretty strong declarations. What depth and meaning! The word shows commitment. It is forward facing and forward thinking. Ask yourself some questions that can be answered with “absolutely.” Did you have a great day today? Absolutely! Are you looking forward to your next race? Absolutely! Would you like another cold beer? Absolutely! How does using the word make you feel? It’s almost as if simply saying it affirms (and reaffirms) your commitment and dedication. It gives you an energy boost and a shot of self-confidence. Just saying the word radiates positive energy and stirs the sub-conscious. “Absolutely” makes good things even better. Try saying it to someone once a day. I absolutely assure you that you will be happy you did.
Be well.