10 Thoughts…

1. As complex as it might appear, life is actually quite simple. Love those who love you. Eat right. Get enough rest. Smile. Explore and discover. Have your breath taken away.

2. When experienced from a wheelchair, inches resemble feet, yards appear to be miles and forward motion means living.

3. Paradise isn’t something you lose; it is something you lean how to recognize in ordinary life.

4. Only when you surrender your beliefs about how life ought to be will you learn to love life as it is.

5. Have you ever watched the wind dance across the water? It is quite a sight. Neither the wind nor the water knows what will happen when they interact but they do it with ease, beauty and a seemingly artistic and singular flow. Neither knows where the other is going but they both look like they are having a damn good time getting there.

6. I don’t think we choose our adventures. We might think we do but in the end, our best adventures usually befall us.

7. Ever wondered what your soul looks like? Have a good look at yourself in the mirror for the answer.

8. If you ask me, disability is a major bummer. If I had the use of my legs for even a minute, I’d do two things; first, I’d sprint along the water’s edge just to feel the warm sand between my toes and, second, I’d strut back to the wheelchair and give it a good swift kick. Then I’d sit back down, smile and keep pushing.

9. Table for four? Barry White, Jim Valvano, Nelson Mandela and Amelia Earhart. I guess I’d have to sit on the floor ’cause I’d make five.

10. Come to think about it, winter is about one month too long and twenty degrees too cold no matter where you live.